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13. Report a breach of COVID-19 restrictions

New public health regulations have granted police additional powers to enforce the Government’s requirements around COVID-19.

With the virus spread increasing at the current time, people are now only allowed to meet in groups of six indoors and outdoors with some exceptions.

If you have concerns that an individual or business has breached the restrictions, report it to us using our online form:

Report a suspected breach of COVID-19 restrictions

We will use these reports to help build a picture of where breaches are occurring in order to inform our policing patrols.

COVID-19: the policing response

View the latest on government advice and restrictions

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If you have concerns a business has breached the restrictions, you should report this to your local authority, if there is an immediate threat to life please dial 999.

We are working alongside our partner agencies to address any issues related to a breach in COVID19 regulations.